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About the ​ class


Basic​Jiu-Jitsu class

This class is mainly for white belt members.

Monday from 8:00 pm

Members of all belt colors can participate, but lessons will focus on the basic movements and techniques of jiu-jitsu.

The purpose of this class is for you to master basic techniques, so we incorporate a lot of drills (repeated practice).

Sparring is pretty low. In addition, we will take a sparring format starting from a position with high safety.
Sparring is only done for a maximum of 15 minutes, but we will try to make it a class where you can work up a good sweat by incorporating drills and basic exercises. The instructor does not participate in sparring and always supervises members' sparring and strives to ensure safety.

Sparring is never forced.

Sparring 3 minutes (from kneeling)



Regular​Jiu-Jitsu class

Members of all obi colors can participate

Thursday from 8:00 pm

This is a class where you can learn all the elements necessary to compete in jiu-jitsu. We also offer lessons from standing techniques to ankle techniques.

Sparring time is longer than the basic class, and the lesson content is high level.

Sparring is never forced.
*Classes by top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players are held every Thursday.
Five Minutes of Sparring (From the Stand)


nogi class

Members of all obi colors can participate

Friday from 8:00 pm

This is a class where you wear a rash guard and shorts instead of a jiu-jitsu gi.

Grappling requires more "reaction speed" and "strength" than regular jiu-jitsu because it cannot be "grabbed" like a uniform.

As a result, I think it will be a class that requires a little more physical strength than a normal Jiu-Jitsu class.

Sparring is never forced.



kids jiu jitsu class

Target age 4 to 12 years old

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Enjoy learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through games, etc., and nurture a healthy body and mind.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be expected not only to improve flexibility and physical strength, but also to develop logical thinking skills like shogi and chess.

In addition, there is no striking technique, and it is a martial art that focuses on ground techniques, so it can be tackled safely.


Main flow of the ​class




First, everyone formed a circle,

Stretch and warm up



Moves required for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We all follow the teacher's instructions.




Form a partner in pairs,

I'm going to do uchikomi (repeated practice).

This is about 20 minutes. ​

Once in a while, rehydrate or take a break.


technique time

According to the theme of the day, the teacher
Show a sample of the technique and listen to the explanation.

​The theme changes every month.



technique practice

After explaining the technique,

Two people form a pair and practice the technique repeatedly.

If you don't understand, ask your teacher.
They will teach you carefully.



After completing one trick,

Gather again and listen to the explanation of the next technique.

Practice 3-4 related tricks based on the theme of the day.Technique time is 25 minutes in one class.

Drink water again or take a break.




Choose a partner, 5I'm going to do sparring (Randori) for 1 minutes. Sparring class is 15 minutes.

* Spa is not compulsory.

Rest and hydration are free. You can visit along the way,

You can repeat today's technique.

​There is also a separate sparring class.

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